Training & Mentoring

Talent sourcing means going out and approaching potential candidates, not waiting for them to come to you.

If you’ve ever wondered what Boolean is all about, or how an X-ray search works, you’ve come to the right place.

I can help you learn new ways to find and approach candidates. If you search the same way as everyone else, you will find the same people.

I can train groups of recruiters/sourcers or provide mentoring to individuals. All training sessions are bespoke to your business and your employees.

Popular training topics include:

  • Boolean search basics
  • Setting yourself up for success on LinkedIn
  • Sending better messages for higher response rates

See our Training & Mentoring page for more info.

If you’re interester in recruitment training in areas other than sourcing, Katharine partners with 20+ other trainers via her partnership with Recruiting Gym.

Name Generation & Talent Sourcing Services

Need more candidates to talk to?

Are you too busy actually recruiting to even search LinkedIn, let alone go further? Don’t worry. Let me do that bit for you by generating a list of potential candidates appropriate for your trickiest roll.

If you work in a niche, I can also help you to map your market, identifying the people with the skills you need across your industry.

I have experience in lots of sectors, from Management Consulting and Engineering to FMCG and Technology. I also love a new challenge!

Social Media for Talent Sourcers

People like to talk about what they love to do. I can help you join the conversation.

Katharine has worked with numerous businesses and charities to help them use Social Media as a communication tool for talent sourcing and recruitment.

Why not take a look at Katharine’s profiles across the web; she is active on LinkedIn, Twitter and all the major Social Networks – just look for TheSourceress.