Google Search Tools – A menu you might not even know is there

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Sourcing Hat now has a YouTube channel. This is the first video in my Google Search Tips for Recruiters series.

Here we look at Google’s search tools. It’s essential to know about the Tools menu if you regularly source on Google.

Google’s Tools menu can help you filter your results by location, age/time, as well as get a more accurate interpretation of your search string.


We covered Google search by country or region, filtering our results by date, and using Google’s verbatim option to give us better results for our complex search queries.

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LinkedIn Profile Tips for Recruiters – Do your own audit NOW!

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Sourcing Hat now has a YouTube channel! In my first video I look at the key elements of a recruiter’s LinkedIn profile.

Your LinkedIn profile is so important. For most of us, it’s the top result on Google for our names. If you’re messaging people, or leaving voicemails, whether it’s a candidate or a potential client, they’re probably going to check you out online before deciding whether to reply.

Is your LinkedIn profile working for you? Find out how it can work harder with my top tips in this video.

I covered these key elements

  1. Images (both profile picture and header image)
  2. Add the pronunciation of your name
  3. I your headline helpful and informative?
  4. Do you have 500+ connections yet?
  5. Have you got links in your ‘Contact Info’ section?
  6. Does your ‘About’ section encourage people to ‘see more’?
  7. Are you using the ‘Featured’ feature?
  8. Is your work history complete?
  9. Are you using Rich Media content in your ‘About’ section and ‘Experience’?
  10. Do your ‘Skills & Endorsements’ represent you accurately?
  11. Do you have a recent recommendation?
  12. Do your ‘Interests’ make sense?

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