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What’s On In The Recruiting Gym – May 2019

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The Recruiting Gym is a membership site aimed at agency recruiters. I have joined the Gym as the resident Sourcing Coach.

Gym members need not be alone in their search for operational and performance excellence when they can unlock the wisdom of the gym.

The goal of the gym is to redefine how peer–to–peer support, continual learning, and implementation of best practice can drive sales performance. Every member faces similar challenges and are all looking to advance their businesses, profession and industry. In the Recruiting Gym, the sum is greater than its parts.

As recruitment professionals, we are used to doing the heavy lifting. We know that the more we flex our muscles or challenge our stamina, the greater the results. Join us in the gym and find out for yourself. Click on this link to join the Recruiting Gym on a 7 day free trial.

In May, I’ll be running online learning sessions every week.

Sourcing topics for May 2019

Finding useful files with Google – Wednesday 1st May

Growing Your LinkedIn Network – Thursday 9th May

What is X-Ray search? – Wednesday 15th May for sourcing – Wednesday 22nd May

Finding tech talent on GitHub – Thursday 30th May

Other sessions in the Recruiting Gym this month include

How to improve the effectiveness of sales activity – with Alex Moyle on Monday 13th May

How to grow a contract desk – with Alex Moyle on Monday 13th May

How to value your recruitment agency – with Alex Moyle on Friday 17th May

How to book client meetings – with Alex Moyle on Monday 20th May

You can pay to join each session via crowdcast, or join the Recruiting Gym on a free trial to get a discount code and join my sessions and more for free.

#AirSourceShow Podcast – with Iker Jusue – April 2019

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The AirSource podcast returns with Katharine Robinson and, new co-host, Mark Lundgren. Tune in for an update from our hosts and an interview with Iker Jusue, the newest SourceCon GrandMaster Sourcer.

Show Notes

Connect with our new host, Mark Lundgren on LinkedIn and find his Sourcing Challenge show on YouTube, the Sourcing Challenge website, or as a Podcast.

To be one of the first to benefit from Mark & Aaron’s Sourcing Challenge Training, check out the site here.

Katharine is now a Sourcing Coach in The Recruiting Gym. The gym is aimed primarily at agency recruiters, but open to all. You can join the gym on a 7 day free trial here.

You can still get a ticket to SourceCon Amsterdam, listen to the end of this episode for details of a discount code.

Find and follow our guest, Iker Jusue on LinkedIn and Twitter.