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Are You Incepting Desirable Talent Ready For January?

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Is anyone actually looking for a new job right now, in December? Yes, of course.

But there are also a lot of people that are putting it off and people who haven’t even thought about it yet.

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday season. Things are winding down now. Secret Santa names are being pulled out of hats (virtual hats, there are apps for Secret Santa now). Outfits are being bought for parties. Christmas cards are being written or worried about. It’s easy to forget that work might no longer be 100% satisfying.

After the second day of cold turkey sandwiches though… that’s when it’ll set in. 12 more months stretching ahead. Do you really want to spend it doing that? Doing it for that business? Doing it with those people? Doing it in that city?

You might make a New Year’s Resolution to find a new job. Perhaps have a poke around on LinkedIn to see if anyone you like is hiring. Maybe Google for some opportunities a little closer to home.

But wait… didn’t someone message you a few weeks ago. Where’s that email?

But wait… didn’t a recruiter follow me on Twitter a few weeks ago? Let me go back through my notifications.

But wait… didn’t I get a LinkedIn connection request from someone at That Company before we broke up for the holidays?

It’s worth leaving messages and breadcrumb trails during December (and all year round). You never know who might remember you when the time is right.

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