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2 March 2022 in Uncategorized

Why Recruiters Should Have 500+ Connections on LinkedIn

500+ connections on LinkedIn is a badge of honour for recruiters. I always wonder what’s going on when I see a recruiter’s profile and they have fewer than 500 connections,…

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23 February 2022 in Search Engines, Sourcing Tools

What is the meaning of X-Ray Search?

X-ray search should be a key part of any recruiter’s talent sourcing tool kit. But what does it mean? X-ray search is one of the things I’m asked to explain…

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7 August 2021 in LinkedIn, Social Media

#MeetYourRecruiter Week – A LinkedIn Posting Challenge for Recruiters, 9-13 August 2021.

#MeetYourRecruiter is a LinkedIn Posting Challenge for recruiters. Posting on LinkedIn is a great habit to get into, it can greatly increase your visibility. #MeetYourRecruiter is here to help get…

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21 October 2020 in Search Engines, Sourcing Tools

Google Search Tools – A menu you might not even know is there

Sourcing Hat now has a YouTube channel. This is the first video in my Google Search Tips for Recruiters series. Here we look at Google’s search tools. It’s essential to…

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